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„The salient features of the methodology?
Narrowing things down and capturing them visually.
Afterwards you always have a tangible result.“

Frank Erbacher,
Owner and Managing Director Erbacher the food family




As a family business, Erbacher has, like most other companies,
a matured culture. The foremost question for Erbacher is "Why".
Which spirit and which energy connects the Erbacher system?




Creating something meaningful together



System level: Company
„We're thought leaders and future food makers“
The food family. The framework for everything is discovered.





System transformation

Managing a company
means leading people


A culture is a social system. The main future tasks for the Erbacher community:
To develop a new spirit and convey it to the team.

With each other. From each other. For each other.

Those who want to create something
new, must change.

The change begins
in the mind


We can only change the culture if we reinvigorate
existing practices and add new ones.


People make brands.


Are you looking for a future strategy for your company?

Everything has grown successfully over the years.
I'll create a structure of the big picture with you.