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Clear thoughts, clearly spoken


Do you like ready-made lectures?
Wham, bam, go?
I don't.

Keynotes - Stimulus - Stagings.

Tell me what is important to you.
I make fresh suggestions.


„Refreshingly different and new.
Great to listen to!

Something really special.
Everyone got something out of this.
Practically all the guests came back and thanked us.“

Stephan Pflumm,
Senior Project Manager
PHOENIX Real Estate Development GmbH


1. The secret of the CODE method:
    A new way of thinking


Why is a pink BMW wrong?
A simple question which has no easy answer.
We orientate ourselvves towards signs and decode their meaning
This old semiotic knowledge is seldom used methodically.

If you want to understand the secret rules of marketplace,
this lecture gives you the answers on how to decipher the code of markets,
companies and brands and how modern brand management,
fluid branding and innovation work.
Case studies from every industry show new thinking in action in a fresh, unique, yet practical way.


What will you get out of this?

  • You will undestand the world, its markets and connections in a new,
    different and interconnected way

  • Learn how to use signs as a practical tool

  • You will learn how to successfully integrate the CODE method into your everyday life and into your company

„This method is different than anything else. The procedure is impressive and fascinating at the same time.
All the listeners were enthusiastic. Very valuable work. It really picked up the whole staff.“

Andreas Radmacher,
Former Board Member K+S AG



2. The corporate and brand management of the future: How your transformation can succeed methodically and practically


What does the future have in store? Something ancient: Meaning.
What is meaning? Where does meaning come from? Meaning is created by signs. Companies and brands send signs as products, services and communication.

But lost in the chaos of everyday life, a company's signs can become diffuse due to an old mechanistic world view: We are stuck in our mental machine room and ultimately everything gets complicated and small.

Disruption today leverages these outdated modes of thought, because the only thing that we can be sure of is change. If one understands companies as living systems, then it is aboutsurviving in a sea of over-information. Brands become the codes dor meaning creation. Internally and externally.

Transformation is the challenge of the future. Evolutionary organisations as networked systems are the answer. They use cultural coding, because companies and brands are coded systems of meaning.


What will you take with you?

  • In the future, it will no longer be about the mechanics of marketing, but rather about meaning and significance.

  • Meaning comes from perceptible signs: products and communication

  • Corporate evolution cannot be planned, bur only culturally transformed

„My team was enthusiastic about the content. We received a very positive response to your presentation.“

Sebastian Schels,
Managing Partner,
Ratisbona Holding GmbH & Co. KG



3. Innovation: How thinking differently leads to acting differently


Corporate reality: Always thinking in the same way.
Thinking differently is easy to say but how does it really work?

This is shown by Prof. Dr. Gerdum Enders. Leave the confines of your own experience and get to know the radical clarity of the code method: "sign thinking". Thinking of markets as sign systems is innovative. You already recognize the problem. Do you really want to deal with a new thought?

New neurological networks cost mental energy. Innovation, disruption, transformation, whatever it maybe. It's about the NEW. New products, new services, new processes, new business models. How does the new make its way into the brain?

Through mental stimuli. In other words, we need signs that disrupt our usual perception.

Escape the prison of experience and think fresh, new and different. And act.

What will you take with you?

  • Innovation is more than technology, it's the networking of marketing, design and technology

  • Many companies are looking for something new. And optimize what already exists.

  • Innovation coding is creativity as applied to problems

„Rethink the familiar.
This is one way to describe Prof. Enders' lecture style.
Inspiring, close to daily experience and profound. His thesis: Everything is coded.
You can actually use this in your day-to-day business.“

Matthias Quinkert,
Carpet Concept Objekt-Teppichboden GmbH