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„Indeed, our workshop was the catalyst that led
to a series of projects on autonomous driving
(Future Truck, Future Bus) and delivery (Vision VAN, Urbanetics)“

Kai Sieber,
Head of Design Mercedes-Benz Vans & Trucks

Getting to the point:
Questioning, structuring, visualizing.


What distinguishes Gerdum Enders' moderation?
He moderates in a focused, but entertaining style.
Uses strong and clear language to lure the group out of its comfort zone.
He combines this with continuous visualization
and the use of various signs to
create an open, positive atmosphere that inspires.

„Inconspicuously intellectual.
Structured without bottlenecks.

Motivating without phrases.
Brave without overdoing it.“

Udo Walter,
Managing Director Patisserie Walter GmbH

The brain has an energy saving program
New thinking costs energy.
But a workshop should lead to new insights.
So we have to get into the flow - connecting the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
Therefore, good moderation always taps into both the rational & the emotional.


No meeting marathons
No consulting information overload


And in the end?

Always a solid result.

Only a methodical approach can spawn creative thinking.
And so that you can continue to think ahead, it is important
to solidify and visualize what has been clarified.


The final is all about condensing everything.
This is where the CODE-METHOD comes in:
What is the core, the essence, what are the insights that we gained from the workshop?


"I was very fascinated by the process and the whole day.
I think it really brought us forward.
Getting this focus is extremely important."

Oliver Beckel

„I am positively surprised. A great experience. A fire of enthusiasm was lit within the team. Conclusion: Very effective moderation. Very inspiring.“

Richard Einstmann,
Managing Director Bechtle IT-Systemhaus Karlsruhe,
President Marketing-Club Karlsruhe e.V.