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Not just thinking but doing!

Gerdum Enders' patented innovations, ideas and concepts prove
that new and different works




Concept and implementation: Swatch Newseum

Nowadays, everyone knows SWATCH.
It used to be a plastic watch
until Gerdum Enders and Andreas Knierim brought in to the museum.


„We brought it to the museum and turned it into a collector's item,
transformed it from a timepiece into a Zeitgeist meter."
A cult as a marketing concept.



Patented system design: SkyTower


Five years on the market

There's nothing you can't improve.
Lots of people know this. Gerdum Enders sought to fundamentally improve something.
Very few try this.


The SkyTower would remain on the market for five years.
This is unique for computer cases,
and still today it doesn't look like something from the past.
The method work - products can be systematically coded.



Patented innovation incl. branding:
bionic fire



Intelligent. Clean. Convenient.
This is the CODE of bionic fire.
The cleanest stove in the world.


What makes products really successful?
It's about more than technical innovation.
It's about the marketable combination of technology, marketing and design.


Product-Disruption: Bite Glass

Nothing is more inspiring than the wrong at the right moment.

How to create a distinction in a stagnating market:

All water glasses have already been invented.
That's why Leonardo was looking for something different.
We methodically developed the innovation.

A sign error attracts attention.
And crazy things sell well.
That's what defines a real innovation.



Are you looking for new ideas?

Feel free to contact me - I am always open to new ideas.