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Experienced - authentic - inspiring


Prof. Dr. Gerdum Enders is an expert on future strategies
and has developed the CODE method.
A different way of thinking.



         For 30 year he has been engaged in semiotics
          and applies sign theory radically and practically:

          In 1989 he turned a watch into a collector's item,
          by bringing the Swatch to the museum.
          This is how, by changing the code
          the Swatch collections cult was born.

          Today he is a sought-after sparring partner for
         Brand management, innovation and future strategies.
          Gerdum Enders has accompanied companies such as Artemide, food family,
          Leonardo, as well as organizations and Bundesliga sports brands
       on their journeys to the future.

Gerdum Enders Zeichenforscher und Moderator



What drives me?

Curiosity – How can this be simplified?

What is it all about?

Methodology: How do sense and meaning arise?

What do I do?

Sparring on the issues of future strategy