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Everything is changing faster and faster.
Digitization, Climate Crisis, New Work

Companies has to change, to survive in the dynamic reality.

A culture is a system. People organize themselves based on values.
These are called organisations for companies.
When the market changes, the organisation of a company needs to adapt.
This is called change or transformation.


The important things first:
Take your team with you!




When the world changes, your company must too - therefore the employees change.
Here are three steps that every successful transformation must accomplish:

  • What is the purpose of revitalization: Future Code - How does everything fit together?

  • What does the revitalization look like?
    Which signs does it show internally and externally: new spaces, innovative products/services, clear, fresh communication

  • How will the revitalization be sustained? New behavior. We have to learn to change our habits.
    New codes and rituals solidify new paths.


The task of the future is to code the culture so that it stays viable.



Do you seek to revitalize yourself and survive in reality?

Systematically approach the transformation,
so you can compete in tomorrow's marketplace.