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Thinking differently
can be learned!


Innovation, disruption, transformation.
It's all about the new.

Real brainstorming isn't that easy,
because our minds are stuck and tend just to problem-shoot.
The disruptive challenge: Break out of the prison of your own experience.




„Gerdum Enders is very important to us.
Sometimes he has these ideas, and you think to yourself,
he can't be serious. But he always means it.“

Axel Geerken,
Member of the Board & Director MT Spielbetriebs- und Marketing AG


Brainstorming without clear objectives is a waste of time




New products, new services, new processes, new business models.
We live for the NEW.

How does the new make its way into your mind? Using mental triggers,
we neet other signs to disrupt our usual perception.




Would you like to increase your innovation potential?

We'd happy to exchange views on new products, future markets and creative processes.