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Rethinking communication

How strategic is your communication?

A strategic mistake that costs sales and image:
Your message simply lacks clarity.

Communication is the key to success.
Important: Just work methodically here, planned and not "creative"!


  • A brand must distinguish itself.
    The difference ist the CODE.

  • The CODE is the rule for signing.
    Example: Rum is rum - Bacardi is paradise.

  • Strategy in communication means sending differentiating signs, long-term.
    Let's stay with Bacardi: the location, the people, the music.

    You see, you've just sent that to yourself.
    At it always starts with the clear Code. The formula for success:

= CODE x channel x target group

Strategically send all the characters,
that is communication

More and more meadia are vying for our attention.
Unclear code ... nebulous creative approaches... diffuse image.
No matter what other agencies and consultants may tell you we recommend:

Clear CODE > Clear Briefing > Clear Communication



What is the point in participating in this transformation overload?


Have a Sign-Checkup
with Gerdum Enders:


Do your signs match your brand?
Are they consistent and coherent?
Are you encoding your desired reality?