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„The speed took me by suprise. Exhausting and challenging. A completly different view. I am pleased with the results and we look forward to working together again.“

Steffen Salinger,
Managing Director Artemide GmbH

Tap into the hidden
potential in your brand

You know how it is, "Actually, our brand is doing looking pretty good."
But under closer scrutiny, actual perceptions turn out to be far from clear.
Clear future positioning looks a bit different.

Do you want to fully clarify your brand and its position in the future?

  • Without losing sight of the competition?

  • Do you want to hear what your customers think of you, live?

  • And all of this together with your team?


You're be wrong to think it would take a whole series of workshops to accomplish.

In the compact strategy-workshop  Gerdum Enders sums up your company's brand values.
How can it work in just two days?
With visual management and target-oriented moderation, he guides your team through the program.


„Very result oriented.
Takes all participants.
Find the core together.“

Udo Walter,
Managing Director Patisserie Walter GmbH

No consulter lingo. No long series of workshops.
A clear brand. In two days.

„Never before have we considered ourseves so complete and compact.
I am surprised that we have achieved such a clear
result after just one and a half days with the team.“

Ute Hesse,
Marketing Manager DACH Artemide GmbH

„This workshop impressed me.
I never thought you could figure
out our three values like that
We look forward to working together again.“

Georg von Meibom,
Managing Director EAM GmbH & Co. KG



A selection of brands,
whose codes we have cracked: