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„This method is different than all of the others. The process is impressive and fascinating at the same time. The workshop was very straightforward regarding core positioning. Everyone involved was enthusiastic. Very valuable work. It really brought all the employees on board.“


Dr. Andreas Radmacher,
former Executive Board K+S Kali AG




Do you want to know more about the Code method?


Which strategic phase are you currently in?



Clarify positioning

The brand code clearifies your strategy, making it focused and future-proof.



Develop a future vision

How to find your vision and prepare your team for a successful future.


Communicate with the right target groups, strategically.


Thinking differently can be trained: Break out of the experience trap.


Get your team on board

Transformation: How to successfully ignite your future strategy internally.


Implement strategy

Live Coding: How you and your team can hit the ground running.