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Are you looking for clarity and focus for your company?

Crack your future code!


Do you know what distinguishes successful strategies from less successful ones?
How do Swatch, JOKA and Leonardo stand out from the crowd?


The deciding factor in success is a clear difference.
The "Why" - the future code.



Are you looking for your future course?


And are you thinking about renewal, transformation and innovation?
I deliver strategic clarity that defies the mainstream.


Are you looking for new ideas in a different environment?

Together with your team, experience how new and different things can work in a unique, creative environment. Using plain speech with Prof. Dr. Gerdum Enders-


Are you looking for that spark that will change your thinking?

Removed from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day business, delve into new trains of thought. Change perspectives and view interrelationships differently. With Gerdum Enders you will see the revitalization process in an entirely new light.

"From the redundant mass of superfluous books on branding, this one really stands out.!


Christoph Berdi, Editor-in-Chief of Absatzwirtschaft

Customers who rely on the Code method